Stand Up Paddle Rental  Ibiza

Stand Up Paddle Rental  Ibiza

Come  to practice the popular sport of Stand Up Paddle , ideal for all ages and physical conditions , you do not need to be a experienced sportsperson.

Our school in the bay of San Antonio , located in the Arenal beach , is the ideal place to practice Stand Up Paddle rental Ibiza , with calm water and shallow access.

At the SUP  Ibiza school , we are at your service , we offer accommodating prices , with group discounts and renting deals available for you to decide how long you would like to enjoy.

See our table of prices.

The rental of SUP includes personal insurance and safety equipment.

We have a deal on discount bonds will allow you to enjoy the sport without the need to buy equipment , you can use each day a different material and updated, which will accelerate your development in any type of condition you want to practice this sport.

Use all measures table , without the hassle of transporting or store your equipment, rather than from the shelf to the water in our school , join the activities planned by SUP Ibiza boat in both winter and summer and yourself a member of this great sport more so complete that you provide an incredible physical shape as an enjoyment and well being guaranteed.

From a board walk to one of the most leading in waves , through all kinds of inflatable materials , polyethylene , epoxy , or carbon, are the tables that you can try on SUP Boat Ibiza , making it easier to find the table that best suits to your needs and can prove all disciplines of stand up paddle , backed by the best brands like DRR , Bic, Suplife board …